This has been the best experience so far!!! Compared to our previous apartments in Boston and New York, this is like living in an ultra luxury place with management who cares. We have a great doorman who knows everyone and greets us as we come in. (And no, management is not paying for this review.)

My wife and I have lived in many different rental apartment buildings over the last several years. We both agree that Church Park was the most professionally managed, with very responsive staff and excellent security. Thanks for making our experience memorable!

As a property manager for another apartment building, I must say, the quality and detailed appointments I saw yesterday were unparalleled to any building rehab I have ever seen or been a part of, especially with the gourmet kitchen. Too often in this business, superior workmanship and attention to detail go unnoticed. I’d like you to know your building is an outstanding example of what we are in this business to accomplish.